Day Tripping: Skate Through the Woods

Provincial park offers skate rentals, fire pits and an amazing skating trail.


No matter what your skating ability, you have to check out the ice skating trail at Arrowhead Provincial Park. The trail is 300 metres in length and weaves its way through the park’s East River Campground. Skate rentals are available and you can even rent a campsite where you can have a campfire, relax, have a winter picnic (make your own hot cocoa, roast hot dogs, marshmallows, warm up some chili – yum!) or a skating party. How awesome would that be? Answer: really awesome.

There is also an outdoor skating rink at Arrowhead with a spectacular view of Mayflower Lake. This rink has a gazebo where you can sit to put on your skates or just take a rest. There is also a fire pit nearby to warm up to.

For more information and conditions, you’re best to call the park at (705) 789-5105 and to book a campsite. For some online information about the park and location, go to: Arrowhead.

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