Day Tripping: Explore Tommy Thompson Park

A unique urban wilderness just minutes from downtown Toronto.


Tommy Thompson Park is a wildlife haven along Toronto’s waterfront. You would never believe this park, stretching 5 kilometres into Lake Ontario, is an entirely man-made peninsula. One of the best places to see birds (last count there are 300 species of birds), lots of wildlife viewing and fishing opportunities, plus hiking, rollerblading and cycling on the trails. Some of the largest existing natural habitat on the Toronto waterfront, Tommy has wildflower meadows, cottonwood forests, coastal marshes, cobble beaches and sand dunes.

Need to know more? The park provides an amazing view of the Toronto skyline. Due to its physical shape (juts out into Lake Ontario) the park’s calm waters are ideal for water-based activities. The Aquatic Park Sailing Club is located in Embayment D and operates sailing activities.

The best time to visit Tommy Thompson Park is in the Spring, Summer and Fall. The park is only open to the public on weekends and holidays. Sorry, no dogs allowed. For directions and trail maps, visit: Tommy Thompson.

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