Easter Traditions – Easter Egg Hunts in Ontario

Egg-cellent fun to be had this weekend and next.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter weekend is fast approaching and Easter Egg Hunt events are popping up everywhere across Ontario this weekend. If you want the jump on an egg hunt to avoid huge crowds – this weekend may be your best chance. Here are a few suggestions (see more in our Event List below):

Downey’s Farm (Brampton)
Chappell Farms (Barrie)
Puck’s Farm (Schomberg)
Puddicombe Estate Farms and Winery (Winona)

Easter Egg Hunting Tips for Parents

1. Butt out. Easter Egg Hunts are for the kids. Your job is to stay on the sidelines, encourage, cheer and take photos. If your child doesn’t score a huge basket of loot, that’s okay. It’ll motivate and better prepare them for next year’s hunt.

2. Have a game plan. Talk to your kids about what they can expect to experience at the egg hunt and remind them what to do and not to do (i.e. no fighting, no biting, no stealing another child’s eggs, covering an egg with your body to protect it is perfectly acceptable and most importantly, don’t stop to eat anything, it’ll just slow you down).

3. Use a bag instead of a basket. Baskets are cute but so not practical for a serious egg hunter. In the excitement of a hunt, loot is too easily lost from a basket just by running, bending over and jumping for joy.

4. Have a Plan B. If you’re really concerned that your child will be upset about not finding as many treats as other kids, than be prepared and have a few treats at the ready to “hide” in the car before everyone returns to the vehicle to head home. What a surprise they’ll have to find easy pickings!

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