Day Tripping: Do the Tube this Winter

No skills or training required to have loads of fun at Chicopee Tube Park.

Snow Tubing

Tubing is one of the most accessible winter sports available. All you need is an inflated “donut” tube, a helmet, some packed snow on a nice hill and away you go. So much fun! Fortunately, Kitchener’s Chicopee Tube Park has everything you need for a great day of tubing. Great idea for a date, a family (children 4 years or minimum of 42” tall) or a group of friends.

Open Tuesday to Sunday, you can purchase a variety of affordable tubing options from a one ride pass, to a three hour pass, to an all day pass. There are also special rates depending on the day and time you plan your visit. Chicopee also has a café and lounge available for refreshments and food.

FYI: Helmets are mandatory for riders under eight years old. Helmets are available for rent for just $3 at Chicopee.

For more information, rates and directions, go to Chicopee Tube Park.

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